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Natural circulating livestock manure recycling system

“Biogas & Composting & Liquid Fertilizing plant”

  • Co-production of fertilizer from interactive process between composting and liquid fertilizing plant out of cow, pig and chicken

  • Optimized complete manure recycling plant with highly effective odor removal function from all kinds of exhaust treatment


 TaeYang Green’s recycling process allows all high density organic waste, such as cattle manure, food waste and slaughter’s house waste into total recycling with anti-discharging technology. Inside recycling process, there are three steps which are pretreatment, anaerobic digestion and fertilizing plant.

Pretreatment produces valuable separated substrates with wet and dry based from higher quality separation and grinding process. Dried and wet Anaerobic digestion will generate bio-methane gas to implement cogeneration plant. Then, digested sludge out of digester will be a resource for stabilized liquid and solid fertilizer at the end.

3 cups


3 cups


Liquid fertilizing plant

1½ cups


Composting plant

Exhaust treatment

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